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Trena Bolden Fields
(612) 913-7426
Minneapolis, MN
Coaching Types
Life, Career, Performance
Certified Life Coach, Acting Coach

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Ms. Leah E EricksonACC
651.592.3289, 651.592.3289
11330-D Chisholm Cir Ne Blaine
Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Frances Anne Olson, CPCC
(612) 750-0440
5289 O''Connell Drive Mounds View
Saint Paul, MN
Dr. Renee Rochelle Green
(763) 807-1850
9639 Linden Lane N. Brooklyn Park
Minneapolis, MN
Mrs. Ann Czajka Holm, M.S.-SLP-CCC
651.483.5310, 612.670.3019
185 Evergreen Road Annholm@Annholm.Net Annholm@Annholm.Net North Oaks
Saint Paul, MN
Susan RasmussenMCC
763.712.1504, 909.336.5463
13055 Riverdale Nw Suite 500 #254 Coon Rapids
Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca Cristine Pfeifer
(612) 964-4994
11326 Rosemill Lane North
Champlin, MN
Ms. Kate Simonson, BA Education and MA PsychotherapyACC
(651) 482-9843
1038 Arbogast St
Saint Paul, MN
Barbara Rae Rubin-GreenbergACC
(612) 386-7713
4216 Flag Avenue North New Hope
Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Pamela L. Nelson, MA, PCCPCC
(763) 781-5835
Minneapolis, MN
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Four Ways to Make a Great Impression on Your Next Job Application

Hank Coleman is a staff writer for the Credit Score Blog .

Too many young job seekers do not put enough thought and energy into preparing for a job interview. There are too many people currently looking for a job. You have to be memorable and standout from the crowd. If you have been struggling in job interview after job interview, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that you will stand above the rest of the crowd on the next interview.

Four Ways To Stand Out Before Your Next Interview…

  • Spruce Up Your Resume. Many people have not looked at their resume in years, and others have thrown it together after learning about the job interview. Like many business owners who say that you have to spend money to make money, paying for a resume consultant to clean up your resume and cover letter can pay dividends when you are looking for a new job. A professional resume writer knows exactly what style, format, and language human resource experts are looking for in today’s market.
  • Do Your Research. Like a good investor, you should research the company you are interviewing with for a job. You should know what they do, who their competitors are, what they company does well, and what it may need to improve on. You should know a little something about the company that you want to work for before you set one foot in the interview room. Doing a quick search on Google, looking at the company’s website, and reading as many articles you can about the business and its industry will set you apart from the rest of the applicants.
  • Get Some Coaching. A golf pro does not go out to the course without a few lessons along the way. Even Tiger Woods has a golf coach. You should consider taking some lessons from an interview coach. An interview coach can help make sure that you are prepared for the questions that will be peppered at you, look presentable, have the proper poise, and are well spoken. Also, if you get nervous and are intimidated at speaking in...
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